Redesign, Rebuild, Reclaim.


It’s the current Motto/Tag Line of Seth Rollins following his return from serious injury to WWE. It feels rather apt for me right now too and certainly this little corner of the internet I like to call my own.

The motto should have been apt purely for the Radio station. I’d started working on getting it back up. Then I discovered that Radionomy had pulled the advertising revenue sharing services from the Non-French based areas that were covered previously. That meant that I’d have to put an awful lot of extra effort into growing audience share to keep it active, for little to know real gain beyond a personal hobby.

Around the same time, things got a bit crazy in my life, what with the Euros and all that, but the bigger thing was me moving to London. After close to 9 years with my previous company, I’d successfully applied for a job working in Central London.

So now, that motto fits whats going on with me right now. New home, New city, New job. It’s been crazy and it’s been 6 weeks so far. We shall see how it all goes and hopefully the blog will now become a regular thing. It’s something I’ve always struggled to maintain, but with so much more going on right now, I feel I really do need to document it all.

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